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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st I 6 (KR) 2475237
2nd Kaotic NocturneΩ (EUW) 2207229
3rd Sauromat (EUW) 2165999
4th NoCounter (LAN) 2076835
5th AOFalcao (BR) 2032510
6th Dreeg (NA) 1833170
7th JRion500 (NA) 1768452
8th SiegSieg1 (NA) 1730675
9th THE NOCTURNE (EUW) 1710135
10th Benderprog (EUW) 1620872
11th 69DESTRUCTOR69 (EUW) 1603421
12th Bear2Beer (EUW) 1529515
13th N O c T U R N E1 (EUNE) 1467412
14th Diavolo19 (LAN) 1357194
15th Captain Aizen UL (EUW) 1325803
16th Eternal Darkness (EUNE) 1325734
17th Toxic Metal (EUW) 1321508
18th TheDoomSayer (NA) 1290978
19th 라 오 갓 (KR) 1287533
20th DEVIL NOCTURNE (EUW) 1273943
21st migmad (EUW) 1263191
22nd Troublkk (EUNE) 1249639
23rd Keep your Smile (EUW) 1240355
24th Zmyje (EUNE) 1156196
25th ToxicWalnut (NA) 1150181