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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st I 6 (KR) 2829841
2nd Sauromat (EUW) 2639727
3rd AOFalcao (BR) 2354721
4th Kaotic NocturneΩ (EUW) 2275190
5th NoCounter (LAN) 2143897
6th SiegSieg1 (NA) 2128360
7th Dreeg (NA) 2120370
8th THE NOCTURNE (EUW) 2058940
9th Bear2Beer (EUW) 2017657
10th Benderprog (EUW) 1947210
11th JRion500 (NA) 1841082
12th DiavoIo (LAN) 1758167
13th 69DESTRUCTOR69 (EUW) 1753988
14th N O c T U R N E1 (EUNE) 1616314
15th 76ers (KR) 1568992
16th Smilekeeper (EUW) 1518878
17th Vrai Comté goûtu (EUW) 1492729
18th raxan21 (EUNE) 1475314
19th Troublkk (EUNE) 1467553
20th Captain Aizen UL (EUW) 1445581
21st Eternal Darkness (EUNE) 1441436
22nd ToxicWalnut (NA) 1436680
23rd ł Shu ł (EUW) 1432455
24th Toxic Metal (EUW) 1415970
25th DEVIL NOCTURNE (EUW) 1362367