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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Fütak (EUW) 2776923
2nd Squiggal (NA) 2430053
3rd Pukã (LAN) 2102710
4th 둠 심 (KR) 1720259
5th TreeWeed (EUW) 1190440
6th Shakazuulu (NA) 988861
7th 캬 취한다 (KR) 942207
8th TREEinJUNGLE (NA) 853739
9th HugeTrousers (NA) 848707
10th A Good Treetment (EUW) 843488
11th Mr TreeHard (EUNE) 795039
12th Refran111 (EUW) 772069
13th Krelon (EUNE) 710000
14th Zegaung (NA) 708948
15th Mr Maokai (EUW) 685839
16th halladin (EUW) 661047
17th Nocure (EUW) 651570
18th MARKOULIS006 (EUNE) 648177
19th SSW Mata (BR) 616584
20th Yoruichi82 (NA) 610539
21st Faker Skt T1 (OCE) 572424
22nd sicodanred (EUW) 561915
23rd Bufalo (LAN) 536776
24th Bobovich (EUW) 530892
25th mrob15 (NA) 496474