Jarvan IV

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st HAKAZE0157 (NA) 3382988
2nd FireMan1only (EUNE) 2783233
3rd thunderlord777 (BR) 2306934
4th Siratal Mustaqim (NA) 2095944
5th AplusGameTo (NA) 1987631
6th 1Jarvan IV (NA) 1688679
7th Jarvan lV (NA) 1544768
8th Y Sh M A H A L (EUW) 1543255
9th Unward49 (NA) 1538448
10th XîaoMing (EUW) 1510595
11th Volandar (NA) 1401372
12th pigdrinker (NA) 1371591
13th KiNG Nidhogg (NA) 1370352
14th Shiro Complex (EUNE) 1359398
15th Fuego Sagrado (NA) 1330189
16th JarvanTheJew (EUNE) 1329368
17th BA BA CARRY NI (EUW) 1208638
18th Baxecay (OCE) 1198388
19th Alternans (NA) 1152185
20th DemaciaExemplar (NA) 1144757
21st Aaron Sorenson (NA) 1073299
22nd InfinityBlazer (EUW) 1069068
23rd qwert51 (NA) 1067829
24th Lord 0zymandias (NA) 1061529
25th Kalkbrenner (EUNE) 1060773