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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JongHak2 (KR) 2965656
2nd E1ise (NA) 2649276
3rd Kali Linux (LAN) 1987840
4th Tormentula (NA) 1935146
5th junglekorea (KR) 1821702
6th Labryaden (NA) 1733213
7th uGoThAcKeD (EUW) 1722175
8th Pitty (BR) 1616392
9th Supertinki (EUW) 1610757
10th Papeanut (LAS) 1527092
11th BestEliseNA420 (NA) 1514852
12th Spléndid (TR) 1502091
13th Laughs In Spider (NA) 1498676
14th Zombra Zhydark (LAS) 1418650
15th NetMont (EUNE) 1409977
16th Nadestin (EUW) 1393878
17th elize (TR) 1390641
18th boceli (LAN) 1379810
19th debielletje (EUW) 1344166
20th Taicom (BR) 1342135
21st Jentilmen Dayi (TR) 1311781
22nd DrKsTa (OCE) 1281776
23rd Lk Tampa (BR) 1267977
24th Tenzen28 (NA) 1265872
25th Black Trip (BR) 1265304