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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PIays With Balls (NA) 2438025
2nd C0rin Reveck (EUW) 2366959
3rd C0rin Reveck (TR) 2341179
4th DreadXaeon (NA) 1904290
5th Cobwebb (EUW) 1559243
6th SuperFlex (EUW) 1549309
7th NA Orianna (EUW) 1397220
8th KOrianna (EUNE) 1381070
9th TurboPeePee (NA) 1285309
10th Flouby (EUW) 1284689
11th Last Orianna (NA) 1276653
12th luna rossa (NA) 1266106
13th qiu bu yao (KR) 1253492
14th Yopopeyotl (EUW) 1238842
15th Isomorphisme (EUW) 1234523
16th Hąrrý (EUW) 1210993
17th Orìanna (EUW) 1183623
18th Doppelganger17 (NA) 1181851
19th Back To Paradïse (NA) 1172090
20th majestical moose (NA) 1151862
21st Majestic Ôrianna (EUW) 1115918
22nd CoIor WoIf (NA) 1101307
23rd XJBMheheda (EUW) 1085824
24th Nerou (NA) 1067099
25th Dricoo (LAS) 1064304