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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PIays With Balls (NA) 2660850
2nd C0rin Reveck (EUW) 2570426
3rd C0rin Reveck (TR) 2341179
4th DreadXaeon (NA) 1974496
5th Cobwebb (EUW) 1759884
6th SuperFlex (EUW) 1549683
7th luna rossa (NA) 1457339
8th KOrianna (EUNE) 1445720
9th Isomorphisme (EUW) 1401572
10th NA Orianna (EUW) 1397220
11th Flouby (EUW) 1366569
12th TurboPeePee (NA) 1308978
13th 권애니 (KR) 1307776
14th Hąrrý (EUW) 1307617
15th majestical moose (NA) 1288179
16th Yopopeyotl (EUW) 1283222
17th Last Orianna (NA) 1276653
18th Back To Paradisé (NA) 1248494
19th DaDoctore (EUW) 1231517
20th Dotpocket (NA) 1209326
21st Orìanna (EUW) 1183623
22nd Doppelganger17 (NA) 1181851
23rd Majestic Ôrianna (EUW) 1134602
24th VS Ravandor (EUW) 1127976
25th XJBMheheda (EUW) 1104777