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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st PIays With Balls (NA) 2174282
2nd C0rin Reveck (TR) 2002126
3rd DreadXaeon (NA) 1860669
4th NA Orianna (EUW) 1397220
5th Cobwebb (EUW) 1327889
6th SuperFlex (EUW) 1318539
7th KOrianna (EUNE) 1287317
8th Last Orianna (NA) 1267880
9th AeQ Flouby (EUW) 1255985
10th qiu bu yao (KR) 1188544
11th Orìanna (EUW) 1178091
12th TurboPeePee (NA) 1170520
13th Yopopeyotl (EUW) 1121760
14th Doppelganger17 (NA) 1115405
15th CoIor WoIf (NA) 1101307
16th Hąrrý (EUW) 1057579
17th VpClaws (EUW) 1053479
18th Back To Paradïse (NA) 1023277
19th Dricoo (LAS) 1013721
20th Majestic Ôrianna (EUW) 988859
21st ft badhorse (BR) 976954
22nd Kevin (EUW) 956258
23rd Sabo25 (EUW) 950382
24th VS Ravandor (EUW) 914517
25th Lord Tooney (EUW) 897857