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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mizton y Mizton (LAN) 3175291
2nd Bonksnark12 (NA) 2946709
3rd Wukong No Ápice (BR) 2907550
4th Kargbo (NA) 2815642
5th BLESS U (NA) 2793289
6th KKJJLL (NA) 2782178
7th Sub Zero 7 (EUW) 2730285
8th 1maddog1 (EUW) 2703748
9th vanechou (EUW) 2590007
10th Wukong God (NA) 2531892
11th LonG Aoshi (EUW) 2406136
12th Legend of LucaS (EUW) 2338443
13th AminMadrid (EUW) 2172470
14th SÔN GÔKU (NA) 2054857
15th Falzokiller (EUW) 2031295
16th Sun WK (BR) 2004335
17th Senzube (EUW) 1980342
18th BeautifulServal (EUW) 1952055
19th 웃으면바보 (KR) 1949300
20th l am WeaseI (NA) 1898552
21st DECEBALVS (EUW) 1866199
22nd Krfks SusanoO (BR) 1857884
23rd Smajkeee (EUNE) 1796643
24th Kozuree (BR) 1782861
25th Ito Kyoshiro (LAS) 1750564