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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mizton y Mizton (LAN) 3539989
2nd Wukong De Rylai (BR) 3182757
3rd BlessingUncle (NA) 3075096
4th KKJJLL (NA) 3054544
5th 1maddog1 (EUW) 3021450
6th Kargbo (NA) 2971803
7th Bonksnark12 (NA) 2946709
8th Sub Zero 7 (EUW) 2877690
9th vanechou (EUW) 2697417
10th Wukong God (NA) 2569075
11th Legend of LucaS (EUW) 2535664
12th LonG Aoshi (EUW) 2438931
13th AminMadrid (EUW) 2398295
14th 웃으면바보 (KR) 2364520
15th Sun WK (BR) 2361730
16th Falzokiller (EUW) 2309092
17th Sando Retador (LAN) 2260629
18th callmebaby1205 (NA) 2258920
19th Son Gooku (BR) 2256890
20th DECEBALVS (EUW) 2193252
21st WuYouBeMine (NA) 2173154
22nd T0P 0R FEED (NA) 2139716
23rd Skywalker614 (NA) 2104847
24th Principe Do Gelo (BR) 2063366
25th Senzube (EUW) 2031036