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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 폭딜 브랜드 (KR) 2806393
2nd diversity2005 (OCE) 2750733
3rd Berezowski (EUW) 1996776
4th Calabok (NA) 1919944
5th UmayCallmeV (KR) 1900766
6th Your Father (OCE) 1663897
7th 김딸라 (KR) 1632339
8th Speed Hacks (NA) 1474138
9th TrapLordPyr0 (NA) 1445513
10th Combustible (OCE) 1444968
11th ILuis (BR) 1430292
12th kapetanios drake (EUW) 1372764
13th snakbox (NA) 1346862
14th ShAdOw272 (EUW) 1330478
15th Panttoonio (EUW) 1288082
16th DSReid (LAN) 1253829
17th BrandPaPiChulO (LAN) 1220333
18th sh0q (EUNE) 1214344
19th Foulum (EUW) 1190740
20th Mucunka (EUNE) 1187719
21st Bran D Ace (EUW) 1164316
22nd theGueba (EUNE) 1145553
23rd femaledeer (EUNE) 1134723
24th Crows Before Hos (NA) 1132964
25th MoppelKotze (EUW) 1113294