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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st cola (EUW) 3269457
2nd Sijtatrapjtemanj (EUW) 2531772
3rd mitämies (EUNE) 2336258
4th Mirinda (EUNE) 2215502
5th MistarT (EUW) 1912373
6th Drainee (EUW) 1859701
7th 2inchesoflove (NA) 1809835
8th Luphant (BR) 1766004
9th Freezzeasy (EUW) 1725752
10th LoopkinFin (EUW) 1625926
11th MaYtReYu (EUW) 1560142
12th RUMBLE B0T (NA) 1540203
13th Koki456 (EUW) 1462152
14th hmm (EUNE) 1441108
15th Krwawy (EUNE) 1379474
16th Tsugii (EUNE) 1359005
17th Addar89 (EUNE) 1340991
18th Toronto Big Tree (NA) 1304273
19th EyeMtheStron9est (NA) 1278686
20th Fnatic Hexx (NA) 1271576
21st Justout (NA) 1260272
22nd dweLL (BR) 1222839
23rd DieSlowBaby (NA) 1218148
24th Google Store (EUW) 1204798
25th DwOfThAx (EUW) 1172913