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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 한우물한카시 (KR) 3295598
2nd paularas25 (EUNE) 3272804
3rd SnakeWithoutMana (EUW) 2455413
4th 술 샷 (KR) 2252723
5th Iksan si (OCE) 2071713
6th sotya (JP) 1989420
7th The Queen Viper (EUW) 1851852
8th FF FF FF FF FF (EUNE) 1807197
9th 훈이너뿐야 (KR) 1720114
10th iAndreiGod (BR) 1689066
11th zezeneufneuf (EUW) 1626315
12th SABRISTl (EUW) 1582542
13th sSpirit (EUW) 1572809
14th Snake God euw (TR) 1572809
15th Unity Reysher (LAN) 1528979
16th ImEfranImTired (NA) 1477227
17th GQninja (NA) 1437866
18th Ze das Candongas (BR) 1411475
19th 앨리스 리들 (KR) 1330990
20th Face of the King (NA) 1215560
21st Riot King Cobra (NA) 1214584
22nd Elsa of Arendel (EUNE) 1206758
23rd YARIVMYARIV (EUNE) 1185939
24th Kilo88 (NA) 1113548
25th TheDF S19 (BR) 1097155