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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st LeBlanc Prince (NA) 2245506
2nd Re Teemo Estate (NA) 2176341
3rd PentaJuke (NA) 2142939
4th SaŁty (EUNE) 2079188
5th KRAHON (EUW) 2068359
6th wewso (EUNE) 1882242
7th Mafia LeBlanc (NA) 1834511
8th TOSUN PASA (TR) 1800295
9th Jellal (LAS) 1704297
10th Kol Mikaelsonn (EUW) 1644763
11th Tryder (EUNE) 1608739
12th LeBalance (EUNE) 1582412
13th Wp Taai (BR) 1481386
14th Lukyan666 (EUNE) 1415508
15th NewHernan (LAS) 1375755
16th The Blighted Ra (EUW) 1354959
17th Boss XedaH (EUW) 1319444
18th petko221 (EUNE) 1304776
19th SkyperBr2012 (BR) 1298897
20th Chaining Tatum (EUW) 1283304
21st New York Times (NA) 1229129
22nd The Pale Woman (NA) 1221080
23rd CookiesforSanta (NA) 1209216
24th Rekyn (NA) 1195902
25th iKoreuhUWoose (NA) 1191911