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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st LeBlanc Prince (NA) 2228866
2nd PentaJuke (NA) 2060512
3rd Re Teemo Estate (NA) 2058737
4th KRAHON (EUW) 1982494
5th SaŁty (EUNE) 1955504
6th wewso (EUNE) 1838388
7th TOSUN PASA (TR) 1800295
8th Mafia LeBlanc (NA) 1785525
9th Kol Mikaelsonn (EUW) 1644763
10th Neart (LAS) 1504409
11th LeBalance (EUNE) 1480376
12th Tryder (EUNE) 1471489
13th TainaBlanc (BR) 1380725
14th NewHernan (LAS) 1325836
15th Queen Staceyxx (EUW) 1305633
16th Chaining Tatum (EUW) 1270104
17th Lukyan666 (EUNE) 1265918
18th petko221 (EUNE) 1242706
19th SkyperBr2012 (BR) 1236035
20th CookiesforSanta (NA) 1203818
21st iKoreuhUWoose (NA) 1191911
22nd New York Times (NA) 1182868
23rd The Pale Woman (NA) 1178898
24th Boss XedaH (EUW) 1146531
25th darius309 (NA) 1128367