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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SkarnerOnly (EUW) 1895507
2nd Catapumbalmblam (EUW) 1768264
3rd SkarnerfChief (EUW) 1549658
4th Oadie (NA) 1459407
5th bulbel (EUW) 1450299
6th 1 Jugger (BR) 1289347
7th Abo Al3omari (EUNE) 1281322
8th Seventrin (EUNE) 1259995
9th Equinox Fox (NA) 1206947
10th zerea (NA) 1153370
11th tamsuKi (NA) 1109369
12th filthy skarner (NA) 1066274
13th dragonWTF (EUNE) 984277
14th Fòx (NA) 968225
15th igorlewarrior (EUW) 967656
16th FlashOver0811 (EUW) 837719
17th DasBakterium (EUW) 830880
18th Drunk Skarner (EUNE) 817082
19th Skarnerf (EUNE) 789053
20th Fear my Sting (EUW) 761067
21st Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 748112
22nd DDuk Buk Ki (NA) 739450
23rd Skarnold Trump (NA) 734393
24th Custom sKing SKA (EUW) 725651
25th Total Skarnage (NA) 718845