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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Catapumbalmblam (EUW) 2126421
2nd SkarnerOnly (EUW) 2100912
3rd Oadie (NA) 1669187
4th JUGGERNAUTTT (EUW) 1607527
5th SkarnerfChief (EUW) 1589048
6th Seventrin (EUNE) 1568228
7th zerea (NA) 1459255
8th mans not hot (BR) 1422047
9th Abo Al3omari (EUNE) 1302599
10th Beitoka (NA) 1229483
11th tamsuKi (NA) 1223756
12th Equinox Fox (NA) 1210530
13th Dodoptica22 (EUNE) 1190860
14th sKaRnErSuCkS (NA) 1150665
15th Skarn (EUNE) 1044293
16th dragonWTF (EUNE) 1010293
17th igorlewarrior (EUW) 991530
18th FlashOver0811 (EUW) 975716
19th Fòx (NA) 968225
20th Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 939796
21st DerEddie (EUW) 933862
22nd bestSIONmurder (BR) 915063
23rd SkarnerOnly2 (EUW) 870421
24th 2 NERD 4 YOU (EUW) 852204
25th DasBakterium (EUW) 830880