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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SkarnerOnly (EUW) 2026082
2nd Catapumbalmblam (EUW) 1957038
3rd Oadie (NA) 1575631
4th SkarnerfChief (EUW) 1549847
5th bulbel (EUW) 1458511
6th 1 Jugger (BR) 1315747
7th Seventrin (EUNE) 1299445
8th Abo Al3omari (EUNE) 1295360
9th Equinox Fox (NA) 1208315
10th zerea (NA) 1165840
11th tamsuKi (NA) 1139458
12th Dodoptica22 (EUNE) 1131144
13th Beitoka (NA) 1093272
14th filthy skarner (NA) 1090061
15th dragonWTF (EUNE) 992791
16th igorlewarrior (EUW) 991530
17th Fòx (NA) 968225
18th Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 911843
19th FlashOver0811 (EUW) 905702
20th DerEddie (EUW) 897903
21st Drunk Skarner (EUNE) 839364
22nd DasBakterium (EUW) 830880
23rd Skarnerf (EUNE) 789053
24th Fear my Sting (EUW) 761067
25th SkarnerOnly2 (EUW) 752331