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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GeT CoN TRollED (EUW) 6455764
2nd TestTickle (NA) 5243064
3rd 트리시아별 (KR) 4906851
4th XXXElinaXXX (EUNE) 4488318
5th El Cobarde (LAN) 4252658
6th Marv3lman (OCE) 3888752
7th Czechdinger (EUNE) 3645326
8th Heìmerdìnger (EUW) 3629987
9th Bigbadbandit (NA) 3537683
10th General ROI (EUNE) 3356464
11th tonpole (NA) 3171765
12th Reformed George (EUW) 3049486
13th Loric98 (NA) 3020394
14th LolGunSlinger (NA) 2970342
15th ゆっくり動く的 (JP) 2881317
16th Nasterys (BR) 2810768
17th ly7412 (EUW) 2773258
18th Rakatakataque (EUW) 2722222
19th X DONGER X (EUW) 2696624
20th Raystlin82 (EUW) 2681521
21st Divilus (EUNE) 2655635
22nd HaarigerDöner (EUW) 2638249
23rd newauto888 (NA) 2632873
24th Creath (NA) 2570972
25th Heimerdingar (BR) 2532793