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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tîger (EUW) 2589626
2nd DaBest Nid NA (NA) 2534539
3rd 잘좀하자 정기야 (KR) 2468462
4th habrid (EUW) 2020150
5th Dark King Shea (NA) 1860346
6th Threza (NA) 1789271
7th WhiteSlim (EUW) 1616677
8th Ehécatl (LAN) 1584086
9th TheLittleGeneral (EUNE) 1513993
10th Eshyn (NA) 1505631
11th Nidalee or I afk (EUW) 1504941
12th Eera (EUW) 1488003
13th Onedou (EUW) 1424146
14th LANSD jiggaboo (NA) 1413267
15th Tingle Biddies (NA) 1361267
16th BloodKnight6 (NA) 1359440
17th VoidShell (EUW) 1349632
18th Nidalee Böt (EUW) 1345289
19th Diogo (BR) 1321049
20th Kiss My Spear (EUW) 1305101
21st Choppe (EUW) 1296502
22nd PurrfectLeopard (NA) 1289625
23rd Δmfîrα (EUNE) 1215241
24th 420 Korea (NA) 1198076
25th First Nidalee (KR) 1177282