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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Shieldy (NA) 2840269
2nd Seed Muffins (NA) 1968976
3rd Bortoni (BR) 1870233
4th Chibi Miku (NA) 1802794
5th Nic0InTHEhouse (EUW) 1749396
6th bslice (NA) 1723353
7th Xenith 시그리꿈 (KR) 1618519
8th Neo the hero (EUW) 1596493
9th Poppy Marley (BR) 1575217
10th eTomas (NA) 1529498
11th TgL Yesterday (LAS) 1527856
12th XL NEMESIS (BR) 1525248
13th JunSyzygy (NA) 1430009
14th PoppyMaster (EUNE) 1423350
15th ChiLOL (LAN) 1392332
16th poppy92 (EUW) 1387296
17th Poppular (NA) 1384817
18th Pοppylar (EUNE) 1381168
19th Blueyepez69 (NA) 1370585
20th JohnGoode (EUW) 1360309
21st zMiyuZ (BR) 1320333
22nd tomzi1 (EUNE) 1317971
23rd FaceKer1 (KR) 1294630
24th Khaos Control (NA) 1293375
25th Monarcke (NA) 1140108