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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Rabble Arouser (NA) 3287991
2nd Kaloh (EUW) 2267929
3rd illliillililil (KR) 2156695
4th OnlyGragasOnlyGG (EUNE) 2144768
5th Apojii (NA) 1546265
6th Czaczomen (EUNE) 1432888
7th GreatPlatano (NA) 1393243
8th i press r to win (EUW) 1328946
9th appelmom (EUW) 1305945
10th Megekko (EUW) 1292230
11th My Mistress Ahri (EUNE) 1269598
12th Mad Grag (EUNE) 1178001
13th OsMiLDE (BR) 1150788
14th Lofat (NA) 1130647
15th do u copy over (EUNE) 1116762
16th destero98 (NA) 1112305
17th Gragaś (EUW) 1090321
18th Kitsunê (EUNE) 1089438
19th OH MY GULAYY (NA) 1088973
20th 420 Gragas (EUNE) 1058136
21st Gràgas (NA) 1003325
22nd Merton (EUW) 944501
23rd Peto Maldestro (EUW) 944210
24th Only Gragas (LAS) 930777
25th The Barrel (NA) 925353