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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st J0ni9 (LAS) 2581351
2nd MrIpeeFreely (NA) 2568101
3rd killchrisandkelv (NA) 2433980
4th andy26 (BR) 2410864
5th Virtual Dugu (EUW) 2165517
6th Bot Principiante (LAN) 2050289
7th p0ka (BR) 1974322
8th CrunchFrostFire (NA) 1962302
9th Sinister Max (NA) 1922303
10th Last BloodBender (NA) 1859714
11th Damage Inc (EUW) 1842709
12th 블라디함 (KR) 1818550
13th Fenx (LAS) 1728556
14th CafeConLeche84 (NA) 1701240
15th Vladtastic (NA) 1680801
16th pis vampir (TR) 1679220
17th URZASGX (LAN) 1607626
18th Tocsam (LAN) 1549851
19th InvladName (NA) 1520223
20th szarum (EUNE) 1515984
21st Klazius (NA) 1511069
22nd Engrim (LAS) 1501814
23rd Lorien (TR) 1480457
24th Lord Urss (LAN) 1474983
25th coagula (TR) 1453863