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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Illium Eternae (NA) 3679025
2nd FackPantheonNerf (EUW) 2936575
3rd Merlins Druid (NA) 2584690
4th 판 친 (KR) 2312043
5th 빵아재 (KR) 2180882
6th Panth3on (EUNE) 2173618
7th Tremis (EUW) 2150222
8th TsampirakoS (EUNE) 2096802
9th 아 몰랑 이거할래 (KR) 1941519
10th Rufus Lee (BR) 1919925
11th Roycenar (EUNE) 1896443
12th かみたまc (JP) 1874246
13th FatpackTV (EUW) 1868142
14th 판테버스 (KR) 1848311
15th Zlinde (EUW) 1844990
16th CallmePanth (EUNE) 1833453
17th Mr Speedo (NA) 1814837
18th 갓테온 (KR) 1812997
19th LucCordeiro (BR) 1805735
20th Yessker (LAN) 1799217
21st Rajni Khan (EUW) 1786313
22nd only pantheon1 (NA) 1762117
23rd Transspike (NA) 1759574
24th Jidian (NA) 1751111
25th cl2aze (NA) 1742809