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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MordeKeyser Soze (NA) 3143229
2nd 卍 Mordekaiser 卍 (JP) 2833983
3rd Mordehuekeiser (LAS) 2671429
4th Pushinger (EUNE) 2523604
5th prazna (KR) 2476814
6th Suck on this (OCE) 2068489
7th NecroKnight (KR) 2048885
8th Knife TiAnXia (EUW) 2042466
9th Wool (JP) 1920998
10th IYNUKYORION (BR) 1830878
11th GigglesO (NA) 1755725
12th UzzyMaD (EUW) 1732289
13th Vraestin (EUW) 1714439
14th Sandpath (EUNE) 1625484
15th kurama64 (EUW) 1621524
16th Mordelicious (NA) 1607597
17th Xarv (LAN) 1586449
18th Iron Mordekaiser (LAS) 1544629
19th WL Mickey Mouse (LAS) 1543190
20th Geriboy12 (EUNE) 1526621
21st MaXlMuST (NA) 1511825
22nd Nego Nem é Gente (BR) 1493484
23rd Aspros no Gemini (BR) 1490178
24th mordeKYSer (NA) 1431250
25th NachoLibre1 (NA) 1426801