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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Èlysium (EUW) 2853369
2nd 전쟁이다여자챙겨 (KR) 2699287
3rd Tattsumaru (BR) 2565376
4th Headhunterr (LAN) 2557240
5th Syrian Guuy (EUW) 2246643
6th Ult Infestation (EUNE) 2213360
7th GregPL (EUNE) 2170595
8th Kayser Sozzee (EUW) 2090726
9th MarianosWaifu (NA) 2072801
10th 이나에스 (KR) 2038951
11th Regis (LAN) 1992433
12th do u love me (EUW) 1946880
13th Shobek (NA) 1819022
14th Dante Alghiere (BR) 1793778
15th AnteQ7 (EUNE) 1776287
16th Headhunterr (NA) 1775910
17th rinkutux (EUNE) 1758048
18th Power (TR) 1747678
19th Scorp De NyCe (EUW) 1745375
20th 秋しらりん (JP) 1673130
21st Noobslasher (EUW) 1638470
22nd ZimmerX550 (EUNE) 1633769
23rd 쿠소만화 보따리 (KR) 1631402
24th DeathTheHorseman (EUNE) 1620701
25th Sądist (NA) 1597904