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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 브실골패작용계정 (KR) 4516996
2nd Tattsumaru (BR) 3383328
3rd 전쟁이다여자챙겨 (KR) 3160823
4th Èlysium (EUW) 3128384
5th Iván El Audaz (LAN) 2858713
6th 3RBo0oSH (EUW) 2799164
7th Regis (LAN) 2750060
8th GregPL (EUNE) 2680361
9th 터 치 (KR) 2564144
10th The Black Arter (KR) 2552833
11th Akalische Lösung (EUW) 2416944
12th jllasquen (LAS) 2378242
13th GrandmasterYοda (EUNE) 2363947
14th 대학가서롤접음 (KR) 2353187
15th miracle akali (KR) 2352558
16th MarianosWaifu (NA) 2339816
17th ちゃちゃしら (JP) 2273363
18th rinkutux (EUNE) 2253326
19th 이나에스 (KR) 2216320
20th AnteQ7 (EUNE) 2211465
21st Shobek (NA) 2211310
22nd Sloron1 (EUW) 2210319
23rd Grasi (KR) 2064694
24th Power (TR) 1998218
25th Dante Alghiere (BR) 1979571