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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheOn3 (NA) 3072021
2nd HoernchenMaster (EUW) 2839438
3rd TheDarkOneBeing (EUNE) 2537673
4th 롤당장접어 낄낄 (KR) 2344826
5th Leéo (BR) 2341430
6th SensesWho (NA) 2237442
7th Oreio (NA) 2207084
8th Schwuin (BR) 2203427
9th Dark69Death (EUW) 1912230
10th KempthePimp (NA) 1863045
11th ANBU Kennen (NA) 1851963
12th Dzigy (EUNE) 1821197
13th Zenidar (RU) 1812783
14th Taynix (LAN) 1762654
15th Mr Gimix (NA) 1746241
16th spyrofan (NA) 1733309
17th Black R3aper (NA) 1728578
18th JackEstripador06 (BR) 1708468
19th Jik Blue (NA) 1676294
20th DARCH (LAN) 1673849
21st song yunho (EUW) 1627586
22nd XblackkhingtX (EUW) 1623852
23rd FaceKer1 (KR) 1605171
24th ChiPoweredKen (NA) 1604886
25th Bibby (EUNE) 1600208