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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheOn3 (NA) 2797309
2nd HoernchenMaster (EUW) 2360561
3rd TerrestrialBeing (EUNE) 2212933
4th Leéo (BR) 2183840
5th 내충이되줄래낄낄 (KR) 2151103
6th Schwuin (BR) 2048640
7th SensesWho (NA) 1967811
8th Oreio (NA) 1911134
9th Dark69Death (EUW) 1727539
10th Mr Gimix (NA) 1695378
11th spyrofan (NA) 1688946
12th ChiPoweredKen (NA) 1604886
13th ANBU Kennen (NA) 1582694
14th FaceKer1 (KR) 1552101
15th DARCH (LAN) 1544988
16th XblackkhingtX (EUW) 1541645
17th KempthePimp (NA) 1533176
18th JackEstripador06 (BR) 1504304
19th Bobjenkins (NA) 1499604
20th Damiel (EUW) 1487386
21st Dzigy (EUNE) 1460056
22nd song yunho (EUW) 1420947
23rd Bibby (EUNE) 1387275
24th Anderson SiIva (NA) 1379387
25th Sheiden (NA) 1377555