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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st i am GAREN (OCE) 2690848
2nd etrusque1 (EUW) 2627062
3rd dindanmex (NA) 2613035
4th MirMiłek (EUNE) 2449292
5th Max Shmit (EUW) 2299781
6th Foresinho (EUW) 2292886
7th theshadowdesteny (EUNE) 2270210
8th BUTTERFLY77 (TR) 2242171
9th Gerry22222 (EUW) 2162119
10th Leviathan63 (EUW) 2076398
11th Baba Garen (TR) 2051904
12th Radamanthis14 (BR) 1999280
13th honey peanuts (NA) 1981875
14th Dallarss (EUNE) 1904826
15th ristiu (NA) 1876929
16th Bludion (EUNE) 1876502
17th MannyPanties (NA) 1858020
18th Hentai Over Porn (NA) 1854565
19th Forés (EUW) 1845978
20th XRedXBladeX (NA) 1795458
21st llishha (NA) 1765723
22nd WuShen GUANGOD (NA) 1742318
23rd asprokampos (EUNE) 1695332
24th pinias (LAS) 1635404
25th RangerlUSAl (NA) 1632232