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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st dindanmex (NA) 3073842
2nd Foresinho (EUW) 2971044
3rd i am GAREN (OCE) 2877794
4th riste (NA) 2762965
5th theshadowdesteny (EUNE) 2720820
6th Bludion (EUNE) 2694308
7th Grandpa Garen (EUW) 2655054
8th etrusque1 (EUW) 2645609
9th BUTTERFLY77 (TR) 2518530
10th Single Male 21 (NA) 2494103
11th MirMiłek (EUNE) 2463316
12th Radamanthis14 (BR) 2429141
13th Baba Garen (TR) 2334721
14th Max Shmit (EUW) 2299781
15th Leviathan63 (EUW) 2250757
16th Magic kitan (NA) 2221278
17th Dallarss (EUNE) 2151335
18th llishha (NA) 2126355
19th asprokampos (EUNE) 2123699
20th RangerlUSAl (NA) 2073594
21st PcSlave (EUNE) 2071311
22nd Forés (EUW) 2010963
23rd XRedXBladeX (NA) 2000442
24th BABA SHILI 1V9 (NA) 1998793
25th honey peanuts (NA) 1981875