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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st dindanmex (NA) 2922995
2nd i am GAREN (OCE) 2799225
3rd Foresinho (EUW) 2735206
4th etrusque1 (EUW) 2634532
5th theshadowdesteny (EUNE) 2569328
6th UpAllNightToGet (NA) 2508037
7th Bludion (EUNE) 2504669
8th BUTTERFLY77 (TR) 2501816
9th Gerry22222 (EUW) 2464137
10th MirMiłek (EUNE) 2463316
11th Baba Garen (TR) 2330495
12th Radamanthis14 (BR) 2309631
13th Max Shmit (EUW) 2299781
14th Hentai Over Porn (NA) 2217984
15th Leviathan63 (EUW) 2209431
16th Magic kitan (NA) 2088559
17th Dallarss (EUNE) 2071493
18th PcSlave (EUNE) 2038322
19th asprokampos (EUNE) 2012134
20th honey peanuts (NA) 1981875
21st XRedXBladeX (NA) 1971691
22nd llishha (NA) 1961455
23rd SHANGDAN BaBa (NA) 1950299
24th RangerlUSAl (NA) 1949311
25th Forés (EUW) 1941174