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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Arvus (EUW) 3939686
2nd Leona Realm (NA) 3237461
3rd Łordless (EUW) 3131625
4th M4D Ritz (NA) 3093143
5th Biequenob (BR) 3088775
6th Raphael pop (EUW) 2979068
7th Isotrope (NA) 2799986
8th NF BiuBiu (NA) 2659612
9th serguei84 (EUW) 2502928
10th Mazfer (EUNE) 2469039
11th Tualkaer (NA) 2424334
12th iLeonaKING (EUNE) 2260267
13th LimTheDestructor (EUW) 2162757
14th Crossbow1701 (NA) 2109109
15th Ch0senOfTheSun (EUNE) 2085463
16th Marcorinho (EUNE) 2074180
17th Léonà (EUNE) 1991749
18th griffonxx (EUW) 1990740
19th ChosenOfTheSun (EUW) 1951059
20th Sc ShadowW (EUW) 1947376
21st handi (RU) 1939922
22nd HeartFlame (OCE) 1938239
23rd MRS2003 (EUW) 1810527
24th ioki (NA) 1794602
25th Seu Tita (BR) 1761343