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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Arvus (EUW) 4216646
2nd Leona Realm (NA) 3308326
3rd Biequenob (BR) 3238730
4th Łordless (EUW) 3197693
5th M4D Ritz (NA) 3196247
6th Raphael pop (EUW) 2979068
7th Isotrope (NA) 2897768
8th NF BiuBiu (NA) 2743156
9th serguei84 (EUW) 2640948
10th Mazfer (EUNE) 2576341
11th Tualkaer (NA) 2543236
12th 레오나로 민주화 (KR) 2397193
13th iLeonaKING (EUNE) 2304983
14th LimTheDestructor (EUW) 2248369
15th griffonxx (EUW) 2207467
16th Crossbow1701 (NA) 2178166
17th Marcorinho (EUNE) 2120550
18th Sc ShadowW (EUW) 2114116
19th Ch0senOfTheSun (EUNE) 2096812
20th ChosenOfTheSun (EUW) 2036642
21st HeartFlame (OCE) 1995406
22nd Léonà (EUNE) 1991749
23rd handi (RU) 1947030
24th Blitze (EUW) 1921295
25th keatches (EUW) 1892301