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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Supgi (NA) 4203137
2nd Mepsipax (NA) 3869342
3rd Fiddles Fera (BR) 3566791
4th DRS8 (EUNE) 2755781
5th DarkMerlin (EUW) 2637855
6th Nightrvrr (EUNE) 2609373
7th SULPLISE (NA) 2595178
8th Schwarze Krähe (EUW) 2544036
9th BliitzKrieGh (EUW) 2485753
10th Доктор Сасай (RU) 2309010
11th Fiddelsticks (BR) 2304681
12th Master Minds (EUNE) 2294244
13th pentakill001 (OCE) 2242693
14th 1HndLuke (NA) 2190413
15th princessøpeach (NA) 2172550
16th Razielim (BR) 2168459
17th Best Fiddle EUW (EUW) 2160868
18th Ghauss (BR) 2124912
19th Dandy Playboy (EUW) 2061246
20th xxxxxxxxxin (NA) 2001629
21st Corvidophobia (NA) 1987794
22nd Baphome (EUW) 1949269
23rd LonelyHuNTR (EUW) 1945590
24th YILD1RAY (EUW) 1929296
25th Scary Cárry (NA) 1907055