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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Supgi (NA) 4691683
2nd Mepsipax (NA) 4487915
3rd Fiddles Fera (BR) 3863206
4th 6opucXPEHnonagew (RU) 2991577
5th Nightrvrr (EUNE) 2865993
6th SULPLISE (NA) 2800270
7th DarkMerlin (EUW) 2792989
8th DRS8 (EUNE) 2755781
9th риoты мрaзи (RU) 2700772
10th Schwarze Krähe (EUW) 2698811
11th BliitzKrieGh (EUW) 2649013
12th fiddleman (LAN) 2555568
13th pentakill001 (OCE) 2481847
14th Master Minds (EUNE) 2385154
15th Brazilian Fiddle (NA) 2343433
16th 1HndLuke (NA) 2343398
17th Fiddelsticks (BR) 2307035
18th Razielim (BR) 2302029
19th princessøpeach (NA) 2291913
20th Ghauss (BR) 2201710
21st Scary Cárry (NA) 2190806
22nd Best Fiddle EUW (EUW) 2160868
23rd Sweetness01 (NA) 2104399
24th Steelmadness (NA) 2097831
25th Corvidophobia (NA) 2087818