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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Mataka Tek (NA) 2584555
2nd Mr Tickle (OCE) 2158116
3rd Turin Turambar (RU) 2091072
4th CSk (LAS) 1959512
5th KabaKOymacI (TR) 1857457
6th dVoid (OCE) 1836733
7th euDracones (EUNE) 1827969
8th Mercenaru1027 (EUW) 1778576
9th Timothyyy (NA) 1764915
10th bigMida (EUW) 1754264
11th MobBarley1 (EUW) 1751322
12th Luliac (NA) 1720544
13th bvcx222 (NA) 1718070
14th God Malzahar (KR) 1693365
15th Autolykus (NA) 1655995
16th Ruthless Invader (EUNE) 1633847
17th Wood 7 Smurf (NA) 1442998
18th Primus Rexus (EUW) 1417618
19th rodbot (LAS) 1375618
20th jackydang (EUW) 1352100
21st Best MaIzahar NA (NA) 1335402
22nd Jestem Smurfem (EUNE) 1312525
23rd Thermidor2 (EUW) 1309106
24th Willius (NA) 1307506
25th Salmonoreason (EUW) 1250514