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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Happily Mine (NA) 5360738
2nd 곧소름돋게해주지 (KR) 4998225
3rd i am awakened (EUW) 3842548
4th 시작하라 (KR) 3471822
5th Sushirole (NA) 3239914
6th Yeesha (EUW) 2823495
7th Vanilla Sex (NA) 2723469
8th Birow (NA) 2688648
9th TheSwiftExile (EUW) 2621640
10th M a g i o r e (BR) 2562273
11th Madbliks (BR) 2484397
12th Jann3 (EUW) 2456387
13th Robinhocpo (BR) 2375695
14th TAY ROC (NA) 2344948
15th 탑 환 (KR) 2342937
16th Solo Kirigaya (EUW) 2340881
17th ExiIe (BR) 2319590
18th SaV0Ir (EUNE) 2317731
19th MannyFigs (NA) 2272220
20th Energized Bunny (EUW) 2270193
21st Cerulean Edge (NA) 2200409
22nd swoof (BR) 2194959
23rd LawlietLelouch (NA) 2168285
24th NusziRiven (EUNE) 2158245
25th functioning (NA) 2140750