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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st super monchi (NA) 2360370
2nd gate7stefanos (EUNE) 2207619
3rd CallMeRome (NA) 1746579
4th daBearSky (EUW) 1636933
5th IronFranci (EUW) 1630593
6th Тимонтий (RU) 1503146
7th Haw Haw (TR) 1458615
8th mindTILT (NA) 1404840
9th 쿡쿡콕콕 (KR) 1390752
10th dodge maw (EUW) 1388032
11th KING GJ (OCE) 1383811
12th Argentum Telum (NA) 1382133
13th EoghaanN (EUW) 1274435
14th iRdYouLOL (NA) 1236843
15th Egoist Kogmaw (TR) 1209004
16th A stray Lain (EUW) 1207522
17th Rem Waifu (TR) 1192969
18th XBocmBocbMepKou (RU) 1169926
19th Alpengeist (EUW) 1119642
20th Bakary Sénégal (EUW) 1109648
21st MindoftheWarden (NA) 1089667
22nd Sk0rp10n5 (EUW) 1079995
23rd Koggle (NA) 1072537
24th Soturi17 (EUW) 1068751
25th Kog And Balls (NA) 1056674