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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st super monchi (NA) 2625780
2nd gate7stefanos (EUNE) 2268610
3rd CallMeRome (NA) 1795397
4th IronFranci (EUW) 1779026
5th Тимонтий (RU) 1674442
6th daBearSky (EUW) 1636933
7th Argentum Telum (NA) 1548500
8th Haw Haw (TR) 1548338
9th mindTILT (NA) 1514422
10th KING GJ (OCE) 1468273
11th 쿡쿡콕콕 (KR) 1420586
12th EoghaanN (EUW) 1411581
13th Weislingen (EUW) 1409662
14th iRdYouLOL (NA) 1399826
15th Usta Splinter (TR) 1342304
16th A stray Lain (EUW) 1299592
17th Alpengeist (EUW) 1293868
18th AyeDevour (NA) 1234924
19th Bakary Sénégal (EUW) 1231871
20th Egoist Kogmaw (TR) 1227814
21st XBocmBocbMepKou (RU) 1220133
22nd DeSYDeXo (EUNE) 1172625
23rd Koggle (NA) 1147407
24th Soturi17 (EUW) 1138113
25th General AP Kog (NA) 1114131