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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 하이니스 (KR) 3171981
2nd 1Shen (NA) 2489964
3rd 1Shen (EUNE) 2407600
4th 건치노 (KR) 2374302
5th JustTedd (NA) 2289172
6th Support Shen (EUNE) 2288451
7th THE BLUE NINJA (NA) 2185016
8th EIOLOS (LAS) 2077863
9th RoyTheRoyalBoy (NA) 2077046
10th l닭템l (KR) 2039857
11th SheNaPaN (EUW) 1871366
12th U Flame I AFK (NA) 1834880
13th RedEcks (NA) 1735373
14th darkcreepy (EUNE) 1694642
15th belliator (TR) 1591951
16th Crapperjohn (EUW) 1591751
17th Ocanha de Shen (BR) 1587461
18th Sick Fortune (EUW) 1557946
19th RiddlerShen (NA) 1557756
20th PROJECT Kidd (NA) 1556023
21st Kian987 (EUW) 1555920
22nd GoldenShen (EUW) 1528503
23rd Holy Street (OCE) 1525287
24th Grandmaster Shen (NA) 1517197
25th 세체쉔 (KR) 1492251