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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 한여름소나기 (KR) 4568625
2nd LMSabugo (EUW) 3212462
3rd OLuxBu (TR) 3181535
4th Hidan LUX FleX (BR) 3089690
5th Borb (NA) 2687692
6th 1Star1 (NA) 2588270
7th Neo Lucifer (EUW) 2537103
8th nuskobily (EUW) 2358853
9th Animaadmortis (EUNE) 2178345
10th AdmiralAthlon (EUW) 2153033
11th Seven Fox (BR) 2036606
12th IamN00b (TR) 2007163
13th Horneh Bunneh (NA) 1992147
14th girlgonewild00 (NA) 1946133
15th Lucifer66 (LAS) 1910950
16th Three Kill (NA) 1897208
17th Łux (NA) 1896603
18th SkriIlex (NA) 1871121
19th MrChopinLiszt (NA) 1817546
20th av3l (EUW) 1721962
21st ViM RaMBo (EUW) 1707475
22nd Ys Luxafreya (EUW) 1698461
23rd Caure (EUNE) 1692683
24th Main Lux (LAN) 1669188
25th LadyTomatoe (EUW) 1646427