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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 한여름소나기 (KR) 4018332
2nd LMSabugo (EUW) 3210814
3rd Tio LuXpentakill (BR) 2849127
4th OLuxBu (TR) 2773942
5th SirPonce (NA) 2525744
6th 1Star1 (NA) 2322215
7th Prince Peti (EUW) 2273141
8th Animaadmortis (EUNE) 1978976
9th IamN00b (TR) 1945658
10th AdmiralAthlon (EUW) 1934099
11th Three Kill (NA) 1897208
12th A Luxanna (BR) 1783924
13th girlgonewild00 (NA) 1745278
14th SkriIlex (NA) 1706464
15th Ys Luxafreya (EUW) 1697033
16th MrChopinLiszt (NA) 1670455
17th Lucifer66 (LAS) 1651522
18th Gobble Me Off (EUW) 1637030
19th Piplark (NA) 1628285
20th sherry224 (NA) 1569505
21st Odin PaiDeTodos (BR) 1540758
22nd LadyTomatoe (EUW) 1539434
23rd LuxedByReshikrom (EUW) 1450258
24th Saya (NA) 1400489
25th Bravio (EUNE) 1390201